Space 2B You is a Community Interest Company

  • Vision: Families experiencing mental health and neurodevelopmental challenges, living their ‘best life’
  • Mission: To provide a flexible and accessible space for individuals and groups to receive individually tailored assessments and interventions which meet their identified needs and help them live more effectively.
  • Values: Conscientiousness, Authenticity, Passion, Adaptability

What We Do

Space 2B You was created out of a need. There is a gap in provision for people and often they fall through the net. Space 2B You is a place where people can be themselves. Everyone can be at the centre of their universe, in the context of their universe, to help them fit in the way that suits them. 

Space 2B You works with a caring network which might just be a carer, or a carer and their cared for, or the system around them. There is some freedom in our approach, it is flexible, adaptable, and individually tailored. Space 2B You is not constricted by criteria. Clients do not have to reach a certain score on a scale to be considered for support. Our aim is that clients will find a place to belong in the way they like to belong. 

Space 2B You centres around the understanding that when a family lives with a mental health difficulty, treating the family is a much more supportive and efficient way of enabling the patient to recover from illness. At Space 2B You working with the family provides the opportunity to gather different perspectives on the problem, it enables the sharing of creative solutions, and highlights family member’s individual strengths. Importantly, the families are the experts on their own situations and family work allows them to take an overview of the problem. Space 2B You encourages everyone in the family to have a voice. 

The therapy takes a collaborative approach and Space 2B You is proud to be part of the family’s team. We all live within family systems, so we are not just an individual. At Space 2B You the whole family do not need to attend the sessions, however, all family members are considered and held in mind throughout the therapy. Space 2B You helps families to: understand each other, communicate effectively, find solutions to difficult problems and live with the challenges without the challenges taking them over. 


Marie-Anne McKee

Alison Joyce

Please take what information and support that you need from this website, whether this is in the form of a book, an App or a blog. 

Space 2B You – providing a space to find your place in your life. A space to explore, to pause and the space to grow into.